Yevgen Nikiforov and the team of researchers
The curator - Pavlo Gudimov

The project "Perhaps, it is art" is an attempt to outline the problem of defining the monumental art of the Soviet era as a cultural heritage of modern Ukraine. The purpose of the exhibition's display is, first of all, the creation of a platform for the public discussion. Therefore, the project team invites the public to begin a joint search for decisions from the questioning that is known to be a prerequisite for critical thinking.

Concentrating on the monumental art of Zhytomyr region in the 1960-1980s, the exhibition highlights the complexity of the problem of the present state of the monumental heritage in Ukraine as a whole. Thus, the issues concerning the past and future of the Soviet legacy (structurally embodied in the sections of the exposition) are raised.

Korosten, Railwaymen's House of Culture,
unknown author.
The first part – an artistic phenomenon or the Soviet propaganda? – includes a brief historical notification on the Soviet Union state policy in the field of art and the conditions in which Ukrainian monumental artists worked in the 1960-1980s.

In the next part of the exposition dedicated to the objects of decorating in the city of Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region, you can learn about the declared programs of aesthetic education of the Soviet citizen and get acquainted with their embodiment in real life.

The third part tells about the artists of Zhytomyr region, who had to maneuver between artistic expression and party resolutions and instructions.

Khoroshiv, District House of Culture,
artist Olena Kyrychenko, the 1970s
The fourth part of the exposition - Today? - informs about the current state of works of the monumental art in Zhytomyr region, many of which have already been eliminated or are being destroyed - due to the lack of an appropriate system of protection and conservation.

In the last part - Tomorrow? - the project team has collected the opinions of art critics, curators, restorers, museum employees and state workers of culture on possible solutions to the problem of monumental art in Ukraine. The list of proposed variants is not exhaustive and complete, so we are waiting for the back reaction and your offers.

Denyshi, the interior of the Denyshi sanatorium main building, artist Z. Moseichuk
Irshansk, the entrance stele, artist Anna Samutina, 1974
Korosten, the bus pavilion at the Khimik plant, artist Klymko N.I., 1983
Sculpture on Berdychiv-Chudniv highway
Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital, bus pavilion, unknown author
Festival organizers are Lyudmyla Zubko (NGO "Zhytomyr, voice up!") in partnership with the Zhytomyr City Council, Zhytomyr region state administration and the "Ya Gallery" art center. The project is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine and by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
The Zhovten cinema
14, Serhiy Korolyov square, Zhytomyr